Murat Bulut Aysan


In 2015 I took part in the first Summer Academy program organised by Sarina Basta and Kathy Alliou at the ENSBA in Paris. Unfortunately on the third day of the program we received news that the Director of the school, Nicolas Bourriaud, had suddenly been fired. I decided to create an intervention which would remind future visitors to the school of this turn of events by encapsulating Bourriaud's essence and honouring his contribution and efforts through a simple gesture. Noticing that he smokes them, I decided on the cigarillo as a representational device - much like one throws coins into fountains or places locks on bridges, Bourillo invites students and visitors to honour Nicolas Bourillaud's contribution to the school by placing an unlit cigarillo between the fingers of the statues at the school's entrance as a small act of remembrance which can be carried on indefinitely.