Murat Bulut Aysan

Nazar Series
2012 - 2014

Nazar is the Turkish term for what is traditionally known as the evil-eye in the MENA region. My Nazar series explores the use of this age-old device in various contemporary applications.

Nazar™ Logo

Nazar™ is a fictional product intended to provide relief from symptoms relating to the evil-eye. I wanted to explore how people are often ready to accept some sort of protection (whether that be ancient-totem or modern-medicine) when the form it takes is appealing, reassuring or traditionally familiar. This resulted in the idea for a Nazar pill one can take to ward off the so-called evil-eye as a remedy for anxiety, paranoia and insecurity. I developed some ideas for the subsequent packaging and publicity material as well as the formal brand identity of Nazar™.

Nazar™ has been featured in the following articles: (Jan. 2016) (Jan. 2016)

Nazar™ Pills
Nazar™ Packaging Template
Nazar™ Croquis
Nazar™ posters in the CAAP in Geneva, Switzerland
houhouHAHA Art au CAAP
Geneva, Switzerland

The logo and packaging design were exhibited as two posters at the entrance of the Centre Ambulatoire D'Addictologie Psychiatrique (CAAP) as part of the Haute Ecole D'Art et Design's houhouHAHA Art au CAAP Work.Master program.

There are many other possible applications for where protection from Nazar might be suitable, desired or useful:

Nazar™ CCTV 001
Nazar™ CCTV 002
Nazar™ CCTV 003
Nazar CCTV cameras

City-wide CCTV infrastructures are an investment which cost money to set-up and maintain. My suggestion here is to protect these 'assets' by placing Nazar stickers and/or tiles on the CCTV camera structure itself. Of course there is also an irony here in terms of 'powerful gazes' as well as parallels concerning the reliability and quality of the 'protection' offered in each case.

Nazar™ Cigarette
Nazar Brand Cigarettes

Nazar™ Clothing
Nazar Clothing Line